Rhoel takes care of all the steps of the automation system production: feasibility analysis, budgeting, electrical and automation design, software development, selection and purchase of components, wiring, tests and inspections before shipment, commissioning. We develop software and features according to our great experience, and following to specific requests of the clients. We are therefore able to develop economically competitive, effective, cutting-edge standard solutions, or solutions for specific customer needs, such as the use of preferred suppliers, specific engineering design, compliance with foreign regulations, issuance of certifications. All equipment can be made according to the regulations of the destination countries (for ex. CEI, IEC, UL, CSA, BS, EAC). We make on all our panels inspection tests under electrical voltage, measures of dielectric strength and continuity of ground connection circuit.

We offer additional services for the best life of the system: training, after sales, maintenance programs, feasibility analysis for reconditioning or replacements for obsolete parts.