RHOEL's Corporate Video


Rhoel is an agile, dynamic and constantly evolving company.
Thanks to our great experience in the automation sector  acquired supporting important machine and systems manufacturers  we are able to help entrepreneurs, manufacturing or factory directors, technical managers or purchasers to find their way into the complicated world of automation.
Rhoel stands by their side as a capable, experienced and reliable system integrator.
We listen carefully to the needs of our customers and share our experience in the field of foundries, hot rolling, stranding and drawing and much more.
Step by step we help our customers to define the most balanced  and efficient technical and economical solutions for their company.
Every project is designed to meet the specific needs  and goals of the companies we support.
Our electrical design team works with the newest workstations using Eplan 8 program, that guarantees well engineered solutions and the release of a clear and complete documentation at the end of the project.
On all our panels we carry out strict tests under voltage, electric rigidity and continuity of the ground equipotential circuit, following a precise progress protocol.
Our software design team uses PLC and HMI platforms of the best international companies, such as Siemens, Rockwell, Nidec, Mitsubishi…
The developed softwares are finally tested before shipment. We try to simulate all the functionalities in order to reduce the interventions by the customer as much as possible.
Expert technicians are able to develop Scada supervision systems and data exchange with the customer’s network, for an effective control process and its integration into the customer’s factory management.
Finally, for the operational life of the plant, we offer additional services such as:

  • training
  • after-sales assistance
  • maintenance programs
  • feasibility analysis for reconditioning
  • replacement of obsolete components.

In summary, Rhoel is a capable, expert and reliable system integrator.