Rhoel is part of Continuus Properzi Group and shares its long history, its innovation capacity and its solid experience in the construction of machines and plants.
Rhoel is a dynamic company with a technical staff of great experience, that operates mainly as a system integrator, designing and manufacturing complete industrial automation systems, but also realizing low voltage distribution panels.
The technical area consists of an electrical design office and a software development office.
The electrical design is made using the latest generation workstations, with Eplan P8 program, with 3D model for the best internal arrangements of the components, in order to ensure a well-engineered solution and to release, at the end of the project, clear and complete documents.
The automation software are developed on PLC and HMI platforms from Siemens and Rockwell (but also on Mitsubishi and Omron). Our experts are also able to develop SCADA systems and exchange data with customers networks, for an effective control of the process and for its integration into the general management of the plant.
Our software design area is completed by a test area, that allows us to check the software we develop simulating their main features.